3 unique festivals in Portugal

Currently, Portugal is an attractive tourist destination for travel in Europe. The beautiful country is famous for many beautiful scenes, wonders and friendly people. This country is also known for many special and bold Portuguese festivals.

Chocolate festival

Held from February 23 to March 18, the festival is an annual Obidos village event since 2002 that attracts visitors from many countries.

Coming to this event, visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of entertainment activities such as visiting the process of making chocolate by famous chefs, or going directly to the kitchen to create their own chocolate dishes, trying  a range of creative products beyond imagination like spaghetti or pizza made entirely from chocolate.

One product that visitors to Obidos also have to taste is ginja, a famous cherry wine of the town, in chocolate cups. This is the way the locals came up with the chocolate festival after the festival began in 2002. Today, the product has become a feature of Obidos.

Another highlight at this festival is bonbon candy named “Obidos pearl” with marshmallows made from egg yolk and sugar mixture. Meanwhile, LX Beers beer stall, a famous brand of Portugal, introduced a beer called Choco Late specifically for this festival.

However, for many tourists, the highlight of the festival at Obidos will be to visit the “workshop” of chocolate statue production by Brazilian chef Abner Ivan.

The activity of chocolate sculpture has become an annual activity of the Festival since 2012 with each year having its own theme. Based on this year’s theme of climate change, Ivan created creative statues such as the image of the American Statue of Liberty flooded half of the sea level.

Obidos, a beautiful village located 85 km in north of Lisbon, is a famous Portuguese tourist destination with exciting activities and events held throughout the year, including fairs according to themes and book festivals. However, the International Chocolate Festival is the most famous event.

Agitagueda Art Festival

In the last days of July 2013, on the streets of Agueda, Portugal are flooded with sprawling colors by flying umbrellas. This is a unique part of the Agitagueda art festival.

It is known that this unique idea is that of a Portuguese designer – Ivotavares. Designer Ivotavares selected Agueda Street as a venue to present his ideas with the aim of turning a traditional shopping street into a more attractive place and giving new experience for visitors and international friends. .

These “flying umbrellas” existed during the Agitagueda art festival. With many textures, beautiful and strange drawings and vivid colors, Agueda ” umbrella street” has attracted the attention of many people and tourists.

If you’re traveling in Portugal or coming here these days, enjoy the rare occasion to participate in the activities of the Agitagueda art festival. In particular, you should not miss the opportunity to stroll under the shade of this brilliant “umbrella street” and save memorable pictures for your travels.

Flowers’ Festival

After 4 years of waiting, people in Campo Maior urban area, in the city of Alentejo (Portugal) are immersed in the Flowers’ Festival (also known as the People’s Festival or Festas do Povo/Festas das Flores in Portuguese). The most special thing about this festival is that everyone will join hands to create beautiful paper flowers. They are willing to put all their minds into this work; even forgot to eat, forgot to sleep, with only one goal was to turn the street of Campo Maior into a “confetti” road to welcome the festival.

Flowers’Festival is not an annual event. This festival is formed based on the will of all people in Campo Maior who want to choose a day of the year to work together to plan an activity and work together. This explains why Flowers’ Festival is also called The People’s Festival – a symbol of democracy and solidarity.