Grand Canyon Travel

The Grand Canyon is known for being big and beautiful.  The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and many people like to visit just so they can see the canyon itself.  However, there are many activities that will keep you busy and wanting more.

A few of the places that are the best to hike in the canyon are Matkatamiba Canyon, Deer Creek Falls, Elves Chasm and Havasu Creek.  The Matkatamiba Canyon is ten minutes from the river and has a twisting row of serpentine narrows that will lead to a large amphitheater.  The Deer Creek Falls trail was constructed in 1876 and has about twelve miles of trails.  The highest elevation for this trail is 3,800 feet.

While hiking through the Grand Canyon is a big thing, especially since some people will spend two to three weeks at a time doing it, rafting is even bigger.  The Grand Canyon has the best white water rafting around and is one of the top ten experiences in the world.  There are many places that offer one day excursions as well as trips that last anywhere from four days to two weeks.  Thankfully rafting is available year round, because of the Glen Canyon Dam.  If this wasn’t here, then the water would be too low in the summer months to enjoy this incredible experience.

There are many other canyons that you can discover and explore while you are here.  You can check out Marble Canyon, Glen Canyon and Antelope Canyon.  The Marble Canyon is at the beginning of the Grand Canyon and marks the western boundary of the Navajo Nation.  The Glen Canyon has a dam that you can tour and there is camping available on the shores of Lake Powell.  Antelope Canyon was named for all of the antelope that used to roam in the area.  The area was known to be a spiritual experience for older Navajo members.

After hiking or rafting through the canyon, spend some time on the skywalk.  The Skywalk is on the Grand Canyon West Rim on the Hualapai Indian Reservation.  From here you will see the best views of the Colorado River and the edge of the West Rim drops 4,000 feet to the bottom.

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