Most people think of mountains when you talk about hiking.  However in Indonesia, everyone hikes up volcanoes.  There is nothing like walking through tropical rainforests on the top of a volcano and observing everything that you see.

The island of Java is where you can get closest to some of these volcanoes and see the most breathtaking views imaginable.  Some of the more popular areas to trek are Mt Semeru, Mt Bruno and Mount Merapi.  On these volcanoes you will experience rainforests, mountainous lakes and quaint little villages.  The highest peak in Indonesia is Puncak Jaya and the largest volcanic lake is Lake Toba.

Mount Bromo is the most active volcano in the world and constantly spews off white sulphurous smoke.  The best views can be found here in the early morning hours when the sun is rising.

Ijen Crater is also known as Kawah Ijen and there is an actual crater for you to see.  Inside the crater is a turquoise sulphur lake that has blue fire at night and is smoky white during the day.

Mount Semeru is a relatively easy hike for experienced hikers and it takes two days to get to the peak.  The hardest part is the last slope as you’re getting near the summit.  When you reach the summit, you will be 12,000 feet above sea level.

Mount Merbabu is one of the inactive volcanoes in this area.  The two peaks form a u shaped valley and it was named a national park back in 2004.

If you are able to plan your trek accordingly, you will be able to find time to learn about the cultures and traditions of this area.  If you do not feel brave enough to venture out on your own, there are many adventure companies that offer group tours.  Their seven day trip will include hiking and camping on some of the areas tallest mountains, while getting up close to many different volcanoes.  You also have the opportunity to spend some time with a local Indonesian family for some home cooked food.

This trip will definitely be an adventure for anyone who loves hiking.