Montana – Let’s go!

When visiting Montana, you will be able to spot wildlife very easily.  They can be found in the national parks where they live.  The two most popular parks are Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  While you are out hiking and exploring, stay on designated trails.  At night, you can choose to camp out under the stars at one of the many campgrounds available.  This will give you more opportunities to spot wildlife and there is nothing better than seeing the stars as you are falling asleep.

Montana is a popular place to see by bike.  There are numerous tours available for riders of all ages and skills.  While there are many routes to choose from, the Continental Divide Trail and the Going To The Sun road in the heart of Glacier National Park are the most popular ones.  Mountain biking is easy to do in Montana.  The weather is usually perfect for riding and the scenery is fantastic.  The trails are all maintained by area residents who enjoy mountain biking themselves.

Put on your cowboy hat and tour a ranch on horse or take a summer pack trip.  Horseback riding may be the most traditional way to explore the areas of Montana.  There are plenty of dude ranches to choose from as well, whether it is a resort or a working ranch.  At the working ranches, you will get to experience what it would be like to actually be a cowboy.  Be prepared to round up some cattle and clean out some stalls!

If you are looking for the top canoe trip in the United States, then look no further than the Upper Missouri River.  It is included in the National Wild and Scenic River System and is 149 miles long.  It even goes through a canyon in the center of Montana.  The river is broken into three segments and can be travelled individually or all at once.  Either way, overnight camping during the trip is necessary.