Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro has Africa’s highest peak which is 19,340 feet. It is located in northeastern Tanzania. Many people will go to Mount Kilimanjaro planning on making the hike, but very few will actually succeed in doing as much hiking as they want. If you want to go, you will need a good plan and will even want to think about participating with a tour group that is going.

A lot of the hiking is done through rainforests and deserts, as well as going over glaciers. At night, after a long day of hiking, you will be able to sleep under the stars. There are four different routes that are normally taken on the mountain, so choose the one that will suit you best.

The oxygen at the top of the summit is only half of what you are used to. Since everyone adjusts differently, you will want to go slow and steady in order to see how you will react. Remember, the main goal is to actually reach the summit. You don’t want to get really close and then fail.

There are many different elements on the mountain. At one point you could be in a tropical rainforest and a little while later you will be walking through subzero temperatures in the alpine. You will need to be prepared for anything during your hike.

One of the few different sights you will see during your adventure is Mount Meru, which is the fifth highest peak in Africa. The Lava Tower is a volcanic plug that goes out 300 feet into the air. The Arrow Glacier is on the Western Breach and is 15,700 feet high. Also on the Western Breach is a crater, where you can see a glacier and the natural ice sculptures inside.

The highest summit is called Uhuru Peak and when you reach this, you will have conquered the climb up Mount Killimanjaro. Now all you need to do is finish the trip down the mountain and then you can brag how you just did the almost impossible.