Traveling to Iceland

Most people think that Iceland is a dark, icy and dreary place.  They all think that Greenland is actually the green area and beautiful.  They don’t know how wrong they are.  The first stop of your trip should be at Lake Pingvallavatn, where at Silfra you can choose between snorkeling and diving.  If you decide to dive, you will need certification in PADI Open Water.  Either way, you can pretend that you are linking America and Europe together.  You can also check out the lava tunnels, called Gjabakkahellir.  These tunnels can be stacked three deep in places and are up to a kilometer in length.

There is a 3 km trail to hike on that travels through the Reykjadalur Valley, which is located on an active geothermal site.  It hasn’t erupted in over 2,000 years, but many sulphurous springs came to life in 2008 when an earthquake went through the region.  Watch your step, so you don’t fall through the thin ground area before you reach the stream for a little swim.  This hike will take you at least three hours, depending on how far you go.

Visitors can go to the site where Jules Verne based his Journey to the Centre of the Earth on at Snaefellsjokull.  There is a crater at the summit and you can hike along cliffs made from basalt columns and lots of rugged lava.  If you head to the north shore, you will be able to sample cured shark and dried fish.

There is a steaming crater on Heimaey, which is on the Westman Islands and was ravaged by pirates back in 1627.  The area had volcanic activity back in 1973.  From the summit 221 meters high, you can see how the town was covered in lava and are actually able to feel the heat from the steam coming through the rocks.  It will take half a day to get there and back, but longer if you want to see the puffins.

With all of the volcanoes and valleys as well as multiple tunnels made from lava, there should be something for every adventurous visitor to see and do.  You can accomplish many unique things while vacationing in Iceland.

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